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July 19, 2012 / admin

Making Of ‘Swamp Hunter’

Hi, everybody. My name is Aleynikov Oleg, I live in Voronezh-city, Russia and I am a 3D modeler. I like character concept art very much. I prefer to create a 3D visual form without previous drawing. I am inspired by such masters as Scott Patton, Tsvetomir Georgiev and Ben Mauro, and films like Avatar. I am thankful to 3DTotal for finding my work interesting and giving me the opportunity to tell you about its creation.

View the making of here:

September 1, 2011 / admin

Advanced Interior Lighting with Vray & 3ds Max – Video Training

Aleso3d Vray Training Realistic Rendering

This training include the complete scene so you can check every material setup, lighting, camera settings, render setup and learn how to implement that in your our renders with the help of the video tutorials.

The Scene is ready to work with 3ds Max 2009 and above

The topics that i cover in this Video Training:

1.- Realistic Material Setup

2.- Vray lighting

3.- Vray physical camera settings.

4.- Render Settings

5.- Uv mapping, Displacement, Lights, Vray Sky, Vray Sun, Specular maps, Bump Mapping, Scene Composition, Optimal Settings and much more.

6.- Post-Production with Photoshop

With this training you will be able to setup your scenes with a natural and realistic feeling, how to work with the vray sun and conjunction with the vray physical camera, what tools to use to improve your renders with photoshop, adding displacement for bring some details to life, easy interior lighting setup and much more.

Remember this training include the complete full scene files, you can use the 3d models from the scene for any type of projects and you can test materials with the scene, also you can study the scene for better results in your own renders.


July 29, 2011 / admin

Making Of ‘Private Charlie’


ZBrush, Maya and Photoshop
I initially created Charlie to teach character modeling during a master degree of computer graphics at the BigRock training center ( here in italy. Since I really liked the design, after the course I decided to develop him into a personal piece by adding more details and giving him a context that fits his personality.

view making of


July 29, 2011 / admin


Phoenix FD now comes with foam, splashes and fluids simulation and enhanced GPU preview. All V-Ray for 3ds Max and Phoenix users are eligible to join the BETA PROGRAM.

Time Frame

The Phoenix beta program will run for a period of approximately 2 months, starting on July 15th, 2011.

New software license can be obtained under the condition that all materials produced with it will not be available for commercial use. On a further stage, under the special consideration of the Developers of the product this limitation can be obviated.

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July 6, 2011 / admin

3ds max Modeling Tutorial for create a Cabinet Furniture

This another great 3d modeling tutorial with 3ds max, for to learn how to fast create a cabinet furniture, with this tutorial you will learn how to create any type of cabinet, but also with the techniques that i used you can create a lot of other type of furniture models so quickly, so do not wait more and see the video

View the full video tutorial

July 6, 2011 / admin

Maya – Interior Lighting with Mental Ray Tutorial

This tutorial comes from the experience gained by me and other members during the last months of tests made for reaching good quality interior renderings with Mental Ray.
So I want to begin thanking all those who have contributed to the tests and shared his/her own experiences and settings.

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July 6, 2011 / admin

Artist Guide Mudbox 2012

This Tutorial series by Digital Tutors Introduces new users to the features of Mudbox 2012, from Sculpting, Painting and Extracting Maps to the new features including the UV-Less Ptex Painting Process, New Paint Layer Functionality, Stencil Editing and more.

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July 6, 2011 / admin

3d Modeling Tutorial with 3ds max – Creating a Floor Lamp 3d Model

Hello again!!! In this 3d modeling tutorial for to show you how you can create a nice and minimal Floor Lamp, using various techniques like, spline modeling, lathe and shell modifier, and edit poly,

This is a super easy and simple way to create your custom lamps for your scenes, but you will learn some techniques that will be useful for other type of projects.

View the tutorial

July 6, 2011 / admin

ICE Symmetrical Modeling

In this tutorial, 3D Technical Director Eric Thivierge will show you how to pull indices from a symmetry map then using a Point Index to Location node, access the symmetrical data on the opposite side of the mesh to allow for symmetrical modeling and transference of weight map data as well.

View the tutorial

July 6, 2011 / admin

Making Of ‘Peaceful Day’

This year I went on a holiday to Scotland and I was completely blown away by its beauty. All that greenery is not something we see a lot here in Portugal where the weather is sunnier and drier. Scotland also has an architectural patronage that makes you feel as if you’re in a fantasy movie. Beautiful ruins in the middle of breathtaking mountains are not something you see everywhere. Basically, it was a dream trip! So, when I returned home, my head was filled with ideas and I just wanted to start painting all these things that I had seen. Having taken about 1,000 photos and a lot of them in panoramic format I had a lot of good reference material I could use to revive my memories. Two of the most striking things I saw were Glen Coe and Eilean Donan Castle. Look them up on the Internet and hopefully you will recognize my influences.

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